Hello everyone, welcome to todays post. Hope the weekend was great? Since it is the beginning of a new week, i have decided to give a little story that could motivate you. I was opportuned to have a short interview with a deluxe creative-like minded person who is also a very good friend of mine; Miss Freda Igbre. In this interview, you get to find out just a tad bit about her and how her business came to life. You also get to find out some of the challenges she has encountered throughout the journey. At the end of this post, i will let you know what i have learnt and how her story has impacted in my life. i hope you can also learn a thing or two from her story. Enjoy the read.:) 

Who would you say you are? (your brand)
I’m still a work in progress. Im a 25 year old medical student with equal passion for healthcare & entrepreneurship. I currently co-own a ready-to-wear women’s clothing line with my 2 sisters called Florence & Rose. It is an African inspired women’s wear brand.

When did you start? 
we started in 2014.

What inspired you?
I grew up in a fashion house run by my mum and my dad, a civil engineer also runs multiple businesses. So i have been pretty much surrounded by business and fashion my whole life. Also to make and save money. 🙂

Are you still in school? and if yes, how are you able to combine with school work?
Yes i am. The key really is time management. Combining the vision we have for the business with school means we have much more work on our hands but what’s a little less sleep doing something you love.

Are your parents supportive?
My parents are very supportive. They always emphasize on the importance of education as a priority but at the same time have also encouraged me to explore my other interests.

How were you able to raise capital?
Myself and my sisters put in all our savings and also got our father to invest.

What are your strong and weak points for your business?
Strong points will be my passion for the business and its vision. Its the driving force. Weak points will be fear of taking risks and also putting myself out there.

What are the challenges that you face being a student and an entrepreneur and how are you able to overcome them?
The challenges are a lot considering all the garments we produce are handmade in Nigeria. We are currently implementing strategies to help us progress and evolve as a brand.

Are you satisfied with how far you have come? What is your ultimate goal?
Yes i am, i’m glad to say i have a chance to do the things im passionate about and on the right track to the ultimate goal which is running a fashion, health and lifestyle company.

Based on your experience, how can you advise a student who would want to make a name for themselves or start a business.
i would say find something that you are passionate about or good at and master it. With how much work it’s going to be, not having real interest in what you want to establish is a rocky foundation to build on.

If you had to name one thing that really makes your day, what would it be?
An all expense paid trip to Greece.

Whats an accomplishment you are really proud of?
Starting and running a business that i’ve been wanting to for a long time.

What do you do when you feel like giving up?
I pray, sleep, watch a little TV and get up. Giving up would mean it was all for nothing and that would be an even bigger regret.

What’s something you wish you did more often in your life and less often?
I wish i socialized and networked more. I wish i would be less pessimistic.

What is one fear you know is holding you back?
The fear of not being enough or living up to standard.

Optimist, pessimist or realist.
Reformed Pessimist.

Read anything interesting lately?
Havent read anything outside medical books in a while.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal and why?
Dog. I really want to know how their minds work, how they perceive the world and if they actually communicate. (LOL. I sound like such a weirdo)

What is an ideal holiday gift you would love to receive?
A fitbit or polar watch

So if you read up to this point, i should believe that you have learnt a little thing that you could apply to your life to make a difference. I personally would say that i learnt that its the passion that keeps me going. Making a name for yourself is never as easy as it sounds, so perseverance is key. Keep going and celebrate every little effort and every little result, also take time to reflect back on when you started and compare it to where you are now. This will motivate you to keep pushing. Nothing good comes easy, so you need to work hard to get to where you want to be. You might have fears just like Freda, but let those fears have a positive impact on you rather than negative. if your fear is being broke, because you never want to be broke, put in that extra effort to always have money anyway possible (of cus not blood money or making money illegally lol). It could be through saving from pocket money if you are a student or from your salary if you earn an income. Start up a business in line with your passion, then you make money off doing what you love. But the first step is to discover that one thing you love. Until next time remember that no dream is too small or too big, start now and believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Obsy P.

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