‘Tis the season of great Joy. Hope everyone has had a fun christmas so far. I have had a bit of fun and i am just sitting pretty waiting for the 31st night for two reasons; 1) its my dads birthday on the 31st and 2) i just cant wait for 2016 to be over.
Wow!! what can i say about 2016? first of all, this is my first christmas without my mummy :(, a lot of thoughts and tears have gone down most especially for my dad and how he would be feeling this period and remembrance of how it used to be, but i thank God for strength. I feel i could write a book titled ‘Obsy’s 2016 Journal’ just like Toke Makinwa did lool and i would have something to say about each month of 2016 from January till now being December. I feel God used this year to teach me a few things about life and i don’t think i have experienced the most or the worst in life I just want to use this platform to share a few lessons, it could be an inspiration to you, but you make it what you want it to be :).
Truth be told, whatever i have experienced in the past months has been nothing but pain, from death of my uncle to here-says affecting my friendships to my dearest mum who was my best friend falling ill for 4 months and eventually her death. I had to swallow all these emotional drama/trauma all at once without breaks and i am even surprised that i am still standing and not depressed. I almost gave up on God, i mean i still believed God was alive but i couldnt believe that i could pray that much from the depth of my heart and still nothing was done, in fact it’s like things were getting so much better and then suddenly my world crashed on me without prior notice. Like i said, i’m sure someone has experienced worse situations. I’m not the first to have lost a mum and i wont be the last but best believe i know how it feels and it’s definitely not a good feeling. At this point my focus is just to do her proud however best i can because her wish for me was to be the best i can be and so i wont stop at anything to be the best. That is how Deluxe Hues came to life. She is my inspiration and driving force. My mum was an Educator and a very hardworking woman, i dont know how she did it but she would never stop at anything to be what she wants to be. She is a perfect role model even in death. One thing is for sure, you never know what anyone is going through, just because he/she is smiling and all happy doesn’t necessarily mean all is well, so it is your duty to be careful how you affect the lives of people around you because you could be making them feel better or worse. Please dont add your headache to another person’s migraine, you wouldnt want to be remembered for that.
The next lesson would be to start being. What do i mean? i believe everyone has a dream to be something in life. Start taking the steps to be what you want to be no matter how small or little they may seem. You dont want to wait till the last minute and you would look all jumbled up in a mess. Whatever thought you have, put it down on paper and act on it. On that note, if something bad happens tomorrow, you will be remembered for those little achievements you were able to accomplish before death comes in the way.
In summary, this post is just to let you know that no matter what you are going through, it might feel like the end of the world but just remember that the brighter days are just around the corner. I spoke to some friends last night and they may not know the impact they had in just a few minutes of deep words and i learnt soo much. God will not give what he knows you cant handle and he only allows certain things happen for a better tomorrow, we dont need to understand his ways but have Faith that it will be good at the end. Until next time, Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance and remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Obsy P!


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