Hello everyone, let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is actually the first post of 2017 and i hope everyone is as excited as i am for the new year because i cant wait to see what God has in store for me. It is exam period over here in my school and so all i do is sleep, eat and sleep again lol oh of cus eat as well but i had to create time to inspire someone out there as it’s the new year :).

Anyways so for todays post, i incorporated something new; Audio blog. I dont even know if there is something like that but if everyone were to be like me, then i figured i had to make life easy for them. I find it really difficult to read from screens i.e computer or tv screen and so its a bit stressful to read long write ups or posts online. I still read them nevertheless because what can i do, you never know what you might gain right? So in order to give people the ease of reading or getting inspired, i recorded an audio with my guest for today. I actually found it easier because i could ask all my questions without stress of getting straight to the point or trying to minimize texts so they don’t seem too long. 
My guest for today is beautiful girl called Beauty :). Shes a physiotherapy student at the University of Debrecen here in Hungary and shes also an Entrepreneur. Beauty was one of my makeup artist at the Glamour makeup party hosted by Deluxe Hues last month. Here are some photos of her work and if you are willing to get glammed for your event, be sure sure to hit her up on facebook (Tamuno Miebaka). Today we get to find out a lot about her which most people do not know and also use her story to inspire someone out there.

Beauty’s model without makeup
at the Glamour make up party
Beauty beating her models face 
model with Deluxe Brushes

flawlessly beaten to the gods
Beautiful Model
I personally learnt that having a good support system is a major key in being an entrepreneur and a student. As a student, you already have a lot of work on your plate as it is, then think of adding the business hustle to it, trust me, its a whole lot of work. If you dont believe me, feel free to try it :). From the little chat i had with Beauty, being around people that support your dreams no matter how impossible they may seem is very important because we are all humans and so there would be times you would feel like giving up, this is where your support system comes in. Your support system could be your parents, siblings, friends or spouse but be sure that they respect your dreams and vision even if it seems ridiculous. To find out more inspiring thoughts from Beauty, please click on the link inserted below.

Do not to give up on your dreams, nothing good comes easy. Once you can accept that it will never be a smooth ride, then you are ready to succeed. There is no short cut to success. Make sure you do what you will be proud of tomorrow and never stop speaking positive things to yourself. Until next time, remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Obsy P.

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