Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Its been a splendid 1 month in 2017 and we are already in the 2nd month. Anyways i’m not even going to take much of your time, lets just get straight to the point. I have had so much i had wanted to talk about, but the hassle in collating my thoughts and bringing it all in one piece 😓!

Todays blogpost is all about BEING FEARLESS. We tend to have fears in different aspects of our lives be it in academics, businesses, or even socially in our day to day interaction with different people. Fear of failing an exam, fear of letting your peers know you failed an exam because you think you would be looked down upon, fear of starting up a business you are passionate about because you dont think it would grow or be profitable, fear of networking or meeting new people because you feel you are not like “the rich ones” or “the big babes or guys around” termed by society or social media standard, fear of being what you want to be because you think you are not good enough and so many others. Trust me when i say i have been there and i know how it feels. I may not have been through it all but i do have a number of fears, not to say i don’t encounter them anymore, i still do but i think i know how to wave it off a bit.

One thing you have to realise is that this life is an individual race, no one is going to live your life for you neither will you live your life for anyone else. Once you can assimilate that then i think you got most part covered and taken care of. The greatest killer of this day and age is SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media tends to create a facade, making everything look rich and juicy. Not saying social media is bad, but have it at the back of your mind that not all you see on there is actually what it is and so don’t put yourself under the pressure of looking like what you see or doing what you see so as to feel belonged because in the process, i’m pretty sure you will be leading someone else astray too. Nobody can be you so try to stay original and true to yourself, you will be marvelled how much you will be loved for that, in fact there is some form of peace that comes with being who you really are.

The other main aspect i will want to touch is; don’t put yourself on some high pedestal you cannot sustain. In life, you will experience failure, be it business or academics. DONT BE SCARED TO SHOW YOUR WEAKNESS, FEAR OR FAILURE. All these are just stepping stones for greater things to come. You dont have to lie to cover up your failure because of ego, you dont have to live a lie because you want to show people that you doing well in business and finances, to be honest, nobody really cares. Those that care will be ready to give a helping hand whenever they can. Live your life to please yourself and God and no one else. Be grateful for what you have and where you are and work hard to grow higher and be more successful. Forget people’s opinions on what you do, whether you failed or not, it’s your life not theirs, people will always talk regardless so you really will be stressing yourself if you are trying to make them happy with the way you live your life because at the end of the day, you would realise that you haven’t really lived at all 😏.

Dare to dream, Think big, go for things you are passionate about. Yes you are scared of failing, yes there will be rigmarole thoughts of it being unsuccessful, go for it regardless because it would only hurt if you didnt try at all. Get yourself out of your comfort zone because truly and really that’s the only way to develop self confidence. Do what you wouldnt do on a normal day, make friends, talk to people, read books, feed your mind and soul with anything positive that will always make you smile. Start living your dreams no matter how small, start by living for yourself. There are only two people you can’t deceive, yourself and God. So stop trying to deceive others because you are only killing yourself, accept how you truly feel and try to change it for the better. Challenge yourself everyday to do better but don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s a gradual process. Pray always!!!

I could go on and on but i will stop here. Please live for yourself, dont be afraid to show your weakness, it only makes you stronger for tomorrow. I hope i have been able to inspire someone out there with this little piece because i have inspired myself. God bless you and dont forget NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Obsy P.

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