Hi guys, welcome back 😊. Today’s blogpost would be one of the bonus writeups i will be posting. its all about gift ideas for valentine. The essence of valentine is to show love, not necessarily romantic love but love to family, friends and loved ones. I personally can not remember the last time i celebrated valentine and no its not the cliche reason of not believing love is to be shown on one particular day. I dont even think i have a reason, the day just comes and goes. Anyways i have decided to help out with possible gift ideas i think anyone would appreciate. Just a disclaimer: i am a LOVER of perfumes and anything that smells good so dont be surprised or offended when you see a lot of perfumes 😊😉.

       1.Deluxe Valentine Package

DVP from Deluxe hues is a perfect Vals gift because it has goodies a girl would want all in one. It contains Deluxe make up brushes, chocolates, a lovely hand made card, tasty cupcakes and based on preference you can have roses, wine, perfumes etc. Did i also say the box is one to be recycled for different purposes. You can place your order on facebook by sending a dm @deluxe_hues  


   2. Perfumes for Her

 There is some form of confidence that comes with smelling good infact who doesnt love to smell good? So here are some fragrances i am in love with: 

– Marc Jacobs Decadence: I absolutely love this scent. How pretty is the bottle packaging, 😍 It is a sensual, luxurious, and woody fragrance, Decadence embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. An elegant bottle featuring a deep green python print and a gold chain adorned with a black tassel that can be used to carry the bottle.

– Good girl Carolina Herrera: This is my most recent buy and i must confess i am in love with this scent. Trust me when i say a little pump goes a long way.

a fragrance as powerful as it is sensual. An audacious blend of dark and light elements. For the woman who loves her good side and celebrates her bad side. 
– YSL Opium: This is one fragrance i will purchase over and over and over oh Lord😓😅. i dont even know how to emphasize on how nice this fragrance smells.. well im sure she will love it.

3.Perfumes for him

Christian Dior  Homme intense: This is a very strong masculine fragrance, i will want to smell this on my man everyday and any day.

Hugo boss: Just perfect, not so strong and not so mild. I am very sure he would love it.
Christian Dior Sauvage : I wont say much, get it!!! thank me later 😋

4. Wrist watch

 I think a wrist watch is also a perfect Valentine’s gift for him or her. There are so many affordable ones out there that are good and durable.

4. A Dress

 It doesnt have to be red, i will suggest you get a dress that has a color that suits her complexion, then she can always wear it asides your valentine dinner date 🙂

5. Shoes/sneakers

 whichever is your lovers preference, he or she will be very pleased to add them to their collection.

6.A Card with personal message

 This for me i think its the most important. I would appreciate a hand made card that has a handwritten note in it, its much more personal than the normal cards sold at stores and its so much more believable. Invest in this and its so inexpensive too. Its the little things that count 😉
Last but not the least, Asides all these listed above, i will say the key to making your valentine happy is to key into that thing they have always wanted and get it for them. This is the time to pay attention to every little detail of the convos they will be having 🙂
I hope i have been able to help with some gift ideas. Happy Valentine! 
Obsy P.

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