Hello guys, welcome to deluxe creativity blogpost :). Todays post is all about beauty and make up products. I have been getting a lot of questions on the right products to use in order to achieve a flawless look without breaking the banks and so i decided to do a little more research and some test runs. Unfortunately for me, due to my geographical zone, i have not been opportuned to lay my hands on the most talked about drugstore products out there. Nevertheless, here are a few i recommend. I have used most of these products and they worked for me. They may or may not work for you but give it a try. Do not also forget that the major key to a good looking healthy skin is drinking loads of water and of cause healthy eating. Lets start from the base and then we will move ourselves gradually to the top.

  1.  PRIMER– Primers are made to even out your pores and prep your face for the other products you are yet to apply, increasing the longevity of the products on your skin. For a normal skin, i recommend the Nivea men aftershave balm, you can get it at any drugstore like tesco for my people in Debrecen. I wont say it leaves your face matte, but it does help your makeup adhere to your skin and stay on all day due to its tacky feel. I also recommend the maybelline baby skin primer instant pore eraser.  Sure does erases the pores, you can see a clear difference after you apply this product. Once again i do not think it leaves the face matte if you have extremely oily skin. This product can be found in any maybelline outlet in tesco, dm or rossman (debrecen). For Oily skin, try Milani prime shield Mattifying + Pore Minimizing face primer shop here 

  2. FOUNDATION: I’m assuming we all know the purpose of a foundation lol. It covers up blemishes and hyperpigmentations. There are different types; light weight foundations, full coverage, mattifying foundations etc. Anyways, straight to the point, i was going through h&m cosmetics recently and i saw they had started making h&m foundations too and luckily for me they had my shade (i was extremely surprised because its not even like im really light skinned). Unfortunately i was the darkest shade if i remember properly but i hope they bring out more shades tho. So i tried it out and it is absolutely amazing. Its not so heavy and it doesn’t feel like i have foundation on, its just perfect for my skin and not expensive as well. I am in the shade ‘ebony’, check it out. Honestly i havent tried out a lot of drugstore foundation because of accessibility. Nevertheless, i will drop some links to which you can order from. L’oreal true match Milani conceal and perfect L.A girl Pro foundation 
  3. POWDER: I personally use a translucent powder mostly for my under eye and also for my whole face because i noticed the normal face powder ends up leaving me oily and most times adds much more products to my face leaving me cakey and oily in the long run (this is just for me tho). e.l.f translucent powder , maXfactor translucent powder– i got mine from dm for those in Debrecen. Basically any translucent powder and not white powder so you don’t end up looking white.
  4. CONCEALER: L.A girl Pro concealer The best so far in my opinion.
  5. EYE SHADOW PRIMER: I use this one and it works for me, very affordable too. e.l.f eyeshadow primer bh cosmetics primer
  6. EYE SHADOW PALETTE: I will definitely suggest the sleek brand. Their shadows are pigmented which i love and they are affordable. There are also other affordable brands out there, just pick a palette that has colors that suits your preference. The colourpop shadows are also really pigmented but considering where we are, shipping is a huge problem as well as customs. (We are really suffering o 😓) Sleek shadow palette
  7. EYE LINER: Maybelline gel liner. You can find them in dm, tesco or rossman.
  8. MASCARA: Maybelline brands are good as well as L’oreal. Check tesco, dm or rossman.


  9. CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT: Sleek contour kit is very good for beginners because it comes with the contour shade as well as highlight shade.Sleek contour kit very affordable.
  10. BLUSH: Sleek here again 🙂 I just really love how pigmented their products are and a little goes a long way. Sleek blush in sahara
  11. LIPSTICK: There are so many affordable ones in any makeup outlet, just pick your favorite color. I usually advice beginners to go with 3 basic shades for a start: Red, nude and pink/burgundy/coral. Also make sure you always have a lip gloss incase you want a glossy finish. It can be used alone or on top of the lipstick.
  12. BROWSbh brow pencil
  13. SETTING SPRAY: This is the last step that brings the whole look in one piece. It takes away any form of ashiness. Sets your make up and makes it last all day.elf setting spray bh cosmetics setting spray 

Hopefully, i have been able to help with basic and affordable good products for beginners. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me on here as a comment or any of my social media platforms which would be linked below. Remember, with make up, do what suits your skin type and your face. Do not buy into the hype of products except you have a passion for it and you are willing to go commercial with it. You are beautiful with or without make up. Thank you so much for your time.

Obsy p.
Instagram: @obsy_p Deluxe_hues
facebook: Sweetie Inyang

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