Hello guys, hope you all are doing fine. Today i wont take much of your time. For those that know me would know how much im in love with fashion and all things beautiful, well who isnt? lol.

Due to my passion for fashion, I decided to launch my youtube channel. I would gladly say i’m more on the thick side in terms of body size and sometimes judging by trends and social media standard of fashion, I have always felt that I wont be able to express myself the way I would want to or wear somethings because I felt I was too fat and it wouldn’t look the way it does on other people. There is some form of freedom I get when I dress up however I want to my taste and not to the taste of others; originality. Over time, people encouraged me to do lookbooks to show different styling. It wasnt an easy step to take especially for people like me that love to be lowkey, but I still took the bold step regardless.

In my videos, I try to appeal to everyone, no matter the body type. If you are thick like me, then you can get inspired by my own idea of fashion and twist it to suit your body type. If you are slimmer than I am, you can still draw your inspiration from the way I mix match and also tweak to suit your body type and shape. Just a little disclaimer: I am not a pro like those that took it up as a course, but i try still lol. Fashion is not for specific people, so don’t think less of yourself. All that matters is how you rock your outfits and to rock an outfit fearlessly, you need CONFIDENCE! Confidence makes everything look attractive and it is definitely the best outfit anyone could wear. No matter how you look, rock your clothes to your taste and slay all day😉. I will also be featuring some male fashionistas from time to time, so guys you aren’t left out.

I will put links to my recent lookbooks and I hope you like them and get inspired. Dont forget to like, share and subscribe. Also the details of outfits are in the description box. Thanks for your time. 🙂
Deluxe Retro lookbook
Deluxe Fall/Spring lookbook

Instagram: @obsy_p
Facebook: Deluxe Hues

Obsy P

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