Hello everyone, welcome to todays blog post. Hope the weeks have been going good. Today’s post is all about Feminism and its concept just to give a little insight to those who may not understand the movement. 

According to google, the definition of Feminism states the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’. For a long time, i couldn’t call myself a feminist but its not because of the misconceptions of feminism, like feminists are always angry, feminists dont get married, feminists don’t like to perform wifely duties and a lot more. My reason was because i just thought there was a deeper meaning to feminism which i wasnt aware of and it would really be unfair to call myself a feminist when i am not well informed. Overtime, we find out that a lot of women are also afraid of calling themselves feminists due to the various misconceptions and how society has termed feminism to be.
Due to this misconceptions, a lot of people have gotten the movement all mixed up and have given it different meanings. 

Based on the definition above, it is what it is, there’s no other meaning or personal meaning. It is equality of sexes, male and females are able to coexist “anywhere” without any of the gender being oppressive or dominating. Feminism is feminism everywhere, in the home, place of work, school, anywhere. Men are also to fight for the rights of women too. Imagine if it were to be your mum or sister or daughter being pushed around by a man because he feels he is the man he has to be superior. This means men are also to be Feminists, it’s not just for women. Women have worked so hard over the years to get to where we are right now, it would be totally unfair to undermine their efforts because of fear and societal believes. As a girl, your parents worked so hard to give you quality training, will you be doing them good to just go and be dominated by a man just because you think you are inferior? where did all the education go? 

Please ladies, dont be afraid to fight for your right, you are worth more than you think. Being a Feminist doesn’t mean be disrespectful, or don’t perform your role as a wife which is to love your husband the same way your husband is supposed to love you. Marriage and Feminism are mutually exclusive. Do some more research on the concept of feminism. I will start by leaving a link to a well informed podcast that will guide you on what feminism truly is. Go out and shine and be confident in yourself. Shout out to the guys that advocate for womens’ rights.


Feel free to leave your comments and if you have any questions. Until next time, dream big and remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Obsy P

Instagram: @obsy_p @deluxe_hues
facebook: Deluxe_Hues

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