Hello everyone, hope all has been going well so far. Exams have really taken the best of me and I honestly can’t wait to be done. Today I will be talking about my favorite high end makeup products. I am one person that loves to try new products but won’t let go of the previous ones that have been working well for me if that makes sense lol. These are high end products so expect that their prices are going to be higher than the regular ones we are used to.

The first product I will begin with would have to be the Lancome Teint idole Ultra 24hr foundation. I dont know the best word to describe this product other than it is awesome. It lasts all day and its extremely flawless. Its medium-full coverage and semi matte for all my oily skin ladies. I have an oily to combination skin and I still get a tad bit oily at my t-zones which is my problem area. It has to be my best foundation.

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The next product would be my favourite mattifying primer. Urban Decay De-slick complexion primer. If you ever want that matte finish? this is the best primer for you. It just gets the job done and a little definitely goes a long way.

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Macs eyebrow pencil in stud. My relationship with this brow pencil is phenomenal. Its almost like if I run out, theres no other option than to go without makeup. Even if I try other brands which I really haven’t, I still run back to my mac pencil. To be honest, the downside is that it runs out quickly, I dunno but maybe its because of the way I use it because quite frankly that’s all I use.

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MAC-in-extreme dimension 3D black lash mascara. Ever since I tried this mascara, I always try not to run out and if I do I must restock asap. Lashes are a huge deal in your makeup. Try putting on makeup and don’t put on mascara or lash extensions, the look can never be complete. I am still trying to get used to fixing fake lashes because that alone can take me an hour 😩. Until I get used to it, I will stick with a mascara that elongates my natural lashes. This mascara is so efficient in making your lashes look like they are fixed honestly. Of cus there are other options but the best high end I have used has to be this one.

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My favorite concealer still remains the mac pro longwear concealer. It has the perfect consistency for the under eye and last a long time.

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These are pretty much my favorite high end products. For other makeup products, I use any brand be it high end or low end doesnt really matter to me. I try to invest in quality products because my skin is quite sensitive so I dont mind spending a few extra pennies to get a good product. I dont wear make up everyday so I allow my skin to breathe.
Like I said earlier, these are high end products, so there are definitely dupes for cheaper that does almost same job as these ones only that I just haven’t tried them all yet lol. Feel free to use products according to your budget and whatever works for you. If you have any questions, please don’t fail to contact me on any of my social media platforms. Until then, keep living your dreams 🙂buy here

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