Hello guys, welcome to yet another blog post. Its been so long since I sat down to write and tbh I’m not sure to say I was busy because I could actually create time for this. I was just caught up with so many other things like growing Deluxe Hues, having fun and spending time with family. I am back in school now for the last most stressful lap of medical school, God help me lol.

Today I will be talking about a few things you need to know before starting a business/being an entrepreneur. I started my business almost a year ago and I have learned sooo much. I haven’t even been too long in the game but I certainly can feel the weight lol. Here are a few points:

  • You have to have PASSION for whatever it is you want to do. This is the first and most important thing about starting a business or being an entrepreneur. Passion is the only thing that will sustain you in the business world and the only drive to do more regardless of whatever goes wrong. As we go on, you will get to understand why this is really important.
  • Being an entrepreneur is never as rosy as it looks on the outside. When you start a business, you have taken a big step. It means a few people would know about you and what you do. Obviously, business is meant to bring income (money) so no matter the stage you are, be it the early or late stage of your business, you are already considered to be making lots of money which is not necessarily always the case. So if you see someone start a business and it looks like he or she is making money and that’s why you would want to start yours, then you are on the wrong path.
  • You will LOOSE a lot of money. It might not be the same for everyone but from my experience, you have to lose money. The business itself is a risk, it may be fruitful and may not. It is a 50:50 thing. In starting a business, you will have to learn somethings on your own that no one else can teach you. You will have to find different tactics in making your business succeed and in the process is where you loose money because everything is trial an error. What works for the other person may not work for you. No one likes to loose money especially when you are not likely to recover it soon enough, that is why you need your Passion to be top notch if you really want to succeed at what you do.
  • You need PATIENCE. You will get annoying customers/clients for sure. Some clients can be very understanding while some can be very rude. This is where self-control and patience come into play. No matter how annoying clients are, you need to give a good customer service. Sometimes, it is not always all about the money, you definitely won’t make money all the time. You have to see every client as an opportunity for more clients aka more money :). Just by giving good customer service, you will be surprised at how much your services would be recommended regardless of how expensive or cheap your services are. Establish good working relationships, network and get connected.
  • You will get frustrated. Im speaking from experience o lool. See, there are so many logistics behind setting up a business and just when you think you have gotten a hang of it, something else has to go wrong😤. Trust me frustration at this point is an understatement because you are not just getting the logistics wrong, you are also loosing money in the process🙆 and this is where you sit back and question yourself lol, is this business really for me?😓 DO NOT GIVE UP! Just keep pushing, it only means you are almost at your breakthrough point, you just need to give it more time and energy. Ask questions from people that have been through your stage, get feedbacks from your clients and most importantly PRAY!🙏🙇 There is nothing to trivial for him to handle. The moment you feel the heat, just take a step back and breathe, relax and take it one step at a time. 
  • Dont be in a hurry to ‘blow’ lol in Nigerian terms (to blow more or less means to be extremely successful in fame and financially), success is not a days journey. It takes a lot of time, and you need to put in the work for as long as it takes. Tthat’s the only way you can appreciate your success. Try to enjoy the process, it would be worth it at the end.

These are just a few of many others. I will also be throwing them in even as im on my journey to success but these are the most important things everyone should know.
Thank you for your time and dont forget nothing is impossible. Keep living your dreams.

Obsy P.

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