Hello guys, welcome to today’s blog post which is talking about lip balms. Lip balms are very essential for a moisturized lip, especially in the cold and dry weather. Tip: Its also very important to use a lip balm before putting on a matte lipstick to avoid a cracked dry lip (totally unattractive).

I remember when I was younger, all I used to moisturize my lips was vaseline. Then as I grew older, I started using lipgloss lol, those ones that would make your lip shineeeee. Then I gradually evolved to lipsticks etc.



 Fast forward to recent times, I have tried all manner of lip balms. The ones that are claimed to be the best and the ones I try for experimental purposes but I find out that I still tend to peel my lips. I hate when my lips are dry and cracked, so you will always find me peeling and peeling to get rid of the dead skin. To save me the hassle of always peeling, I needed a good lip balm that would genuinely moisturize my lips and last for a long time leaving my lips soft and smooth. Still yet to find the best lip balm? then this post is for you.

I recently found out why some of those lip balms moisturized my lips for some hours and ended up drying up my lips. Most of the lip balms I used contained fragrances or dyes which tend to be drying. To find out products to watch out for included in lip balms that could cause potential harm to your lips, check out this very informative review: lip balm review. A team of researchers decided to put this review together and they also included their top picks which I will be purchasing to try out (they are very affordable).  At the moment, all the lip balms have failed me so far but here are a few things I recommend to be doing alongside using your lip balm:
  • Every morning, whilst brushing my teeth, I try to always brush my lips aswell to get rid of any dead skin. I always feel great after this process. Leaves your lips feeling fresh and soft.
  • The popular lip scrub: I must confess, I’m lazy when it comes to mixing products for skin care, but I do it whenever I remember and have the energy. Brown sugar, Honey, and olive oil. This mixture is also good for the face as well. It leaves the lips moisturized and very soft.

If you will like to see reviews of any products, please don’t hesitate to send a message and I will try to get to it.

Thank you for taking out time to read this post. Keep living your dreams.
Obsy P.
Instagram: @obsy_p @deluxe_hues
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