Hello everyone, its safe to say happy new year since I haven’t made a post in a long time. I have been pretty occupied with school work and exams. I have decided to put in more effort and be consistent with anything I do, so help me God lol. Without taking so much of your time, let’s get to today’s post.

If you know me or you have been following me @obsy_p, you will know very well that I am not on the slim side, even more, pronounced lower body which has its advantages and disadvantages lol. But hey, you have got to love yourself/body. That’s the first step to self-confidence, rock that thickness like nothing else, embrace your curves, dress well and look fly 🙂

One of the major problems for us thick girls is actually finding the perfect jeans that fit. For me, my thighs are thicker than my waist so when I get jeans that actually fit my thighs, it turns out that the waist is too big which saddens me a lot.  I can’t count how many times I get this question. I also find it very hard to get very comfortable jeans but I think I seem to have a little way around it which I am willing to share.

These are my tips in no particular order:

Know your size and wear your size: Sometimes, we thick girls get the illusion that we are small or maybe feel ashamed to get a larger size. This right here is your number one problem. Don’t be ashamed of who you are, I wear size 42 for my trousers and sometimes size 42 isn’t really size 42 in shops that have fluctuating sizes. There are also times I would have to go a size up- 44 just to make sure they fit perfectly. So please stick to your size, it even gives you more confidence when you find your size and they fit and trust me its a lot easier to dress in your size without feeling too big 😉

I luckily stumbled on the perfect jeans from pull and bear: size 42 and stretchy 

Stretchy jeans: Now I’m not talking about jeggings or tights. I mean actual jeans but stretchy. I personally love these types because they take the shape of my body which gives it that perfect fit. Sometimes I get my actual size and make sure they are stretchy so that the waist doesn’t turn out too big. But be careful because in some shops, when the jeans are stretchy, it will be perfect to go a size lower for that perfect fit, here I recommend you try it out in the changing room before purchasing (which I detest so much). Most of the time I buy them to try at home, if they don’t fit, I return them.

Jeans are from mango- size 42

    High Waisted Jeans: I love high waisted jeans. it definitely gives my body a very nice silhouette. In fact, I recommend that most of your jeans be high waisted. It helps to hide some of those naughty folds that would pop out if you wore low waisted jeans. You could even pass with a crop top and not look or feel too exposed.

    Jeans are high waisted and stretchy from Fashionnova – size 1x (plus size)

    Jeggings/tights: I don’t own a lot of these because some of them are not as durable. They look and feel nice at first but after a while, they start slacking or getting overstretched. Instead of them fit perfectly, they drop down from the waist etc. But I mean not all are expensive so you can keep restocking when they wear out. Also, there are some durable jeggings, I get mine from Zara most times.

    Jeggings from Zara: size Large

    Other pants I recommend are wide legged pants or palazzo pants: Of cos, these are for the special occasions. Those dressy moments you want to feel very put together, try investing in these. They make you look so expensive without trying.

    Pants from Zara

    If you don’t seem to get your size from the regular section, check out the plus size section, they definitely have nice jeans that will definitely fit.

    I recommend these shops: Zara, Tally Weil, fashionnova  prettylittlething 

    If you would like me to make a post on how to look expensive on a budget, do let me know. I hope you’ve been able to learn a few tips on how I select the perfect jeans to wear for my body type. Feel free to ask me any more questions you may have.

    Stay blessed and remember CONFIDENCE is the best outfit anyone could rock. 🙂

    Obsy P.
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