Hello guys, its been so long since my last post and I am really sorry about that. Hope all has been going well. I know life happens and things don’t necessarily go as planned but just know that it will be all worth it at the end and everything will fall in place. Just hold on tight and keep pushing. #notetoself. 

This post is mainly to talk about “Deluxe Lifestyle”. This is a branch of my brand- Deluxe Hues. Deluxe lifestyle is a platform created to appreciate creative talents and skills that can also be a source of inspiration to others. Skills like artworks, writing, paintings, not also forgetting fashion and styles of different people. It is a learning and an inspirational platform so I decided to include fun segments like, recipes from different cultures, survival meals (for those rainy days lol), DIY’s, wine and cocktail tasting from different restaurants starting from my place of abode- Debrecen and so much more. 

I would like to use this opportunity to call on anyone who has any form of skill and is willing to showcase to the world, please send me a message or an email- 

If you will like to see amazing contents like this and much more, I will be posting the works on the instagram page- please follow @deluxelifestyle18 as well as my blog. 

Thank you so much for your time and don’t forget to email me your works, I will be so glad to post them. If you also have extra ideas on how to improve this page to make it fun and worthwhile, they are very welcomed.

Thank you and see you on my next post.
Obsy P.

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