Hey there, hope you are well. Winter is upon us again hence this post. In the winter season, I for one mostly care about my warmth, I do not even want to feel any form of cold breeze on my skin. Then again, who said you cant be a bit stylish and keep warm at the same time?
So today I have put together some winter staples and must have winter coats to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. You do not necessarily have to have all items, I mean it all depends on your schedule (i.e are you a student, in the corporate world, event/party world etc) and of cause money in your pocket lol.
Here are important coats to have in your closet. I will also be including extra items that are needed in this winter season.



 This is definitely a must have jacket. It just keeps you so warm and it has enough space for a thick clothing like a sweater/jumper underneath and a scarf for extra warmth. You can easily just wear a t-shirt and throw this on and you will still be warm.


For a more stylish look, I tend to be more gravitated towards bright coloured puffer jackets. I know people tend to run away from bright colours but the thing is with jackets like this, you do not really need to match with what you are wearing underneath. Winter already gives off a gloomy vibe and wearing a big puffer jacket like this just makes you feel like you should just be in bed all day. Throw in some colour in for a more awake and fresh look lol.


You definitely can choose between a longline jacket or just a short one. You can also style a black coat by wearing a bright scarf, still brings in the awake look. Every store stock up on these jackets so you can just check any that suits your pocket lol because some of them can get really pricey.



Structured coats are almost like a must have. Those days you want to wear something sexy or if you are in the corporate world, you wouldn’t want to mess up your whole look by putting on a puffer jacket when you can carry on the theme of your outfit and put on a structured masculine coat or just a dressy jacket.
Its so chic but still keeps you warm all at the same time. You can boost your warmth by throwing on a nice scarf while still maintaining the theme. I personally would still love to go for coloured coats but to keep it classy, neutral colours does it best because its not so picky with regards to pairing with the colours of your outfit. So colours like black, grey, brown and even white for a more sophisticated look will do just fine.



Structured coats can be found in any store and yes they do get a bit pricey. I find that the coats that are thick and warm are more pricey than the normal ones. Basically go for whatever you deem its affordable for you. These coats definitely makes you look really put together without even trying.


Plaids are a huge trend this season and I am in so much love with the earthy tones. The plaid design just really uplifts the look from a boring one coloured outfit to a retro stylish outfit.



Leather jackets or biker jackets are for those days that aren’t so cold, the early winter days. It gives such an easy look but still very chic. You can definitely style up by throwing on a colourful scarf. (All images are gotten from google images)




 In as much as this isn’t a must have, it is definitely a huge trend this winter season. Its almost like if you do not have a teddy coat, then you don’t have a coat. I must say its absolutely gorgeous especially coming from someone that was never a fan of the fabric material. I am in love because it gives off such a classy and expensive look.
The coats come in different colours and as usual brown colour is now known as the bloggers colour and white just gives off the very expensive look as always. If you have a few coins to spare, i think this is a great buy and oh its very warm and allows for layering. Its one of those jackets that can be worn on any outfit and still look really put together. It can be worn to any occasion so it is definitely a staple.



Bomber jackets are also for the not so cold days. They give off a more casual and laid back look. Feel free to layer, put on a hoodie and throw this jacket on and you are good to go. They are also more affordable.



Scarves really add spice to an outfit asides from keeping you warm. I am more interested in the blanket scarf because you could wear it in different ways and still look very stylish and chic. Coloured scarves bring some form of radiance despite the gloomy weather.




Whenever you feel cold, its really important to cover your head and extremities. You can also make your head warmer look cute by coordinating colours to match just for an extra stylish appearance.


 The Baker boy hat is another trend that has come to stay. Fashion is just amazing, it just keeps revolving. This is also another stylish hat that keeps your head protected from the cold as well as adds some extra oomph to your outfit giving off the retro look.


Extra winter must haves include:

  • A pair of boots: Could be thigh high boots or just normal ankle boots. Be sure to get the proper boots for the snow to prevent you from slipping off and save the fashion boots for special occasions and outings.                                                              Gloves:Helps in keeping your hands protected and warm.
  • Ear muffs: Usually, in winter season, the cold definitely affects the ears and this can be really painful. The ear muffs really help in protecting your ears from the cold.
  • Of cus never forget to purchase jumpers and knitwear and easily layer and style as you please for nice yet warm look.
Hope these were helpful in guiding you to shop for the winter season. Be sure to look for bargains, shops usually give some discounts from time to time so stay locked on online stores. Also I find that I love to try my coats before purchasing them so it would be much better to buy in person than ordering them online.
Feel free to ask any questions if you have any. I will be uploading a winter lookbook just to show you how to style some of these pieces.
Thank you for your time.

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