Hello guys, hope you are well. This is a post about the ‘Africa magic gala’ that took place on the  3rd of November, 2018. Apart from the activities that went down, trust me to also look out for cute outfits lol. The Africa magic gala was an event organised by the African students of the University of Debrecen to show cultural diversity from different ethnicities in fashion, food etc. (PSA: Africa is a CONTINENT with 54 beautiful COUNTRIES) If you are non African and you ever go to Africa, please be smart enough to know the exact country you visited as theres more to be explored :).

First of all, i missed most of the activities and performances because your girl was booked and busy lol. I got to the event an hour before it was over just to have a feel of it. All in all, I would say on the scale of 1-5, I would give it a 3.5 :). Here are the things I loved about it:

  • I loved that students from different African countries were able to come together to celebrate their culture in one way or the other.
  • A lot of effort went into the interior decor and sitting arrangement. They paid good attention to details.
  • Food was good enough in terms of taste, warmth and presentation.
  • Display or artworks, paintings was quite interesting.
  • They kept to time and it was quite interactive.

What i didnt like:

  • Sound was really bad, a lot of echo but that had to do with the venue structure. I could barely hear performances or speeches which kind of made me loose interest in what was going on even tho i was there for an hour lol.

I cant really think of anything else i disliked so all in all i would applaud the organisers because they did a pretty good job.

Now to my best dressed list- #deluxeapproved. (PS i dont really know everyone here, so i would not be tagging everyone but feel free to follow the instagram page- Deluxelifestyle18) I will be posting the pictures there as well and i can tag you if i find out your handle 🙂

In no particular order:

Our Egbons: Jessy and Tessy
This is just stunning! My absolute fav!
Bella with the voice looked gorg too 🙂
Kohnya’s outfit (back)
Kohnya’s outfit (front)


The slit just gives glam and sexy
I absolutely love this outfit


Undji def slayed. I wish i had a picture of the back 🙂
Celine repped her country well 🙂
Trendy trads didnt dissapoint 🙂
The fringe really adds more glam to her outfit.
Although not African or ankara, i would totally rock this outfit!
More Art.

I couldnt get a full picture of everyones outfit, but these are some of my faves. Hope you liked their outfits too lol. Stay locked for more fashion posts.

Thanks for your time. 🙂

Obsy P.


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