Man of Her Dreams (Youtube series)

If you know me, you would know I love my nollywood movies and series. I mean I grew up watching them so I am bound to enjoy them and I must say I am so proud of how far nollywood has evolved. Cinematography, story line and even the cast have improved tremendously.

Apart from the regular movies on irokotv, ibakatv and other african movie platforms, there seems to be some amazing short films and series on YouTube even yet to be discovered. I mean there are the popular ones like Skinny girl in transit, this is us, this thing called marriage and lots more.

Due to my love for nollywood, I have decided to introduce my beloved readers to what ever I am watching/enjoying and just give a hindsight to what the short film/series is about without spoilers of cause lol.

I love series with good story line either for comic purposes or with good morals, good cinematography because visuals play a huge role and good acting definitely. I just love shows with a breath of fresh air and not your regular village movie or love movie if you get my drift. I find myself always defending the nollywood industry to haters lol and I think its time to prove that we have good movies and nollywood is really taking us places.

What I am currently watchingMan Of Her Dreams

‘Man of her dreams’ is a 10/11 mins series on YouTube written by Gimsay Fatimah Binta alongside others. Actually the main show is probably like 5 mins after considering the introduction and credits. It’s basically about Kari played by Sonia Irabor who dreams about a man almost every night who eventually turns out to be her neighbour. Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye porpularly known as Folu Storms acts as her friend and housemate. I must also add that the cast has an added effect on making me glued to this series.

My thoughts: I quite enjoy how direct and short it is, no so much beating around the bush. Visuals are good and the cast; Amazing. It’s just a fun and entertaining show to binge watch while you are eating, etc because like I said its very short and I could tell they had fun on set, exploring their creative sides. You should check them out.

I hope you get to enjoy what I enjoy, if not it’s totally fine because we are all different. I will also be including some talk shows or interviews that are worth watching as well.

Please let me know of anything you are watching so I can hop on it too. Thanks for your time. 🙂

Obsy P.


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