My go-to Skincare Products


I have never really been one to give so much attention to my skin in the past but its 2019, things have got to change. I am still a learner when it comes to skin care though so I dont have all the answers lol.

I have an oily to combination skin with some acne scars here and there. So I tend to gravitate towards products that will tackle these problems. Of cus, these products may not work for you as we all have different skin types.

These are a list of my go to products and I have seen improvements to be honest. I am also one that loves to try new products as well but still sticks to the good old ones. There may be two options for a particular skin care step so its up to you to decide which you would want to try.





These are my favorite when it comes to face wash/cleanser and I have tried so many of them. It really just does the job for me. Its not harsh on my skin and still gets rid of any surface dirt and toxins. They are quite pricey so you may not have to spend the extra coins if you dont want to. I am also a bit picky about what I use on my skin because even though I dont have a sensitive skin, I would rather just go for qaulity just to avoid stories that touch.



rose water
Rose water


I personally love these two products. Mild and very hydrating. I just got a regular rose water from an African food store. Rose water is really beneficial to the skin, it helps to maintain the skins pH and gets rid of any facial redness. It helps with acne and dermatitis. Its safe and gentle on the skin and can be used everyday. I also top it with the hydrating toner just for some added hydration and vitamin E is also very good on the skin as it helps to reduce appearance of scars and softens the skin. It is also a gentle product.

zb_pI use these as a toner as well but I dont use it everyday. I use it about 2-3 times a week. Glycolic acid helps generally in exfoliation. It helps get rid of the dead cells from the skin and brings out a bright and fresh skin. Its an acid so it shouldn’t be used everyday as it makes your skin very senstive. Very important to use a sunscreen with this product. Shout out to Ritso for putting me on this one.




I included this step based on the popular Korean 10-step skin care routine. An Essence is quite underrated but important. They help other products and oils applied on the skin get absorbed and work effectively. I love this product because it also helps improve the appearance of the skin.



VITAMIN C Glow boosting moisturiser

I love love love this product. It is one of my recent purchases and I do not regret it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and definitely brings out the inner glow. Vitamin C helps correct hyperpigmentation too so I do recommend this product. I use this everyday either in the morning or evening.


hybrisimages_1055627_3_face_moisturiser_spf30_vit_c_50ml_gold_pck_inbosps065This  acts as my sunscreen so I use it during the day. Sunscreen is very important guys. I really used to take it for granted. This helps correct hyperpigmentation and those days I use the glycolic acid, this product shields the new skin from any sun damage.





I swear by this product! Listen, I dont even know the magic in this bottle but it sure does wonders to my skin. Helps reduce lines and wrinkles. It is very hydrating and it is oil free especially for me that has oily skin, I wouldnt want to use so much oily products. It is expensive, but I highly recommend for the days you would want to splurge.


Everytime I use this product at night, the next morning my skin always looks so healthy. It stays true to what it claims. It contains a mix of essential oils which are very beneficial to the skin. I use about 2-3 drops every night.


I also use this in combination with the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I gave the benefits of vitamin E when I talked about the toner. So I was very sure of getting the oil for added benefits. I also use a drop or two every night.




I never knew how important an eye cream was until I had a skin consultation some time ago and it showed how dehydrated the skin around my eye was. I was so confused because I thought when using your normal face cream, it would touch there lol. An eye cream helps reduce fine lines and dark circles as well as hydrates the skin. I mean I never know which one is the best out there, but this is what I use. I have also used the Kiehls avocado eye cream which is really good, but it is quite on the high side when it comes to the price point. A little does go a long way though, so it sure would last you a very long time.




I mask at least two times a week and these are my go to. They get the job done and leave my skin looking alive again. It cleanses and adds some radiance to my skin. I usually double mask. I apply the Turmeric Masque on my cheeks and the Deep Pore Masque mainly on my t-zones.

So these are all the products I currently use. You dont have to buy all of these, just take which ever you think you would love to try based on your area of concern. You can also ask for samples to test them out on your skin before purchasing just to be sure you wont react to them.

What skincare products do you use? Let me know your recommendations.


Obsy P.


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