How To Smell Good For A Date ;)

I recently uploaded a video on the tips I recommend in smelling good for that special date or occassion. I am just going to list them as mentioned in the video. You can also watch my video here:  How to smell good for your date 🙂 Please dont forget to subscribe 🙂 🙂

Step 1:

Shower Gel: I use any shower gel or soap that has a nice smelling fragrance to it to give me a base for my perfume. I also stated in my video that you can use a shower gel that has same fragrance as your perfume for example if you would be wearing Armani code cashmere fragrance, it would last longer if you shower with an armani code cashmere shower gel and even top it off with the body cream for a much longer lasting effect. In my case, I use the Dove shower gel because it is cheaper 🙂

sweet cream
sweet cream with peony!


Step 2:

Shaving and exfoliation: These are added routine to shower time incase you had not done it prior. Exfoliating your sking gets rid of dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I also use products that has a good fragrance I mean it is only right lol.

I use this to shave my legs and my under arms. It has rose oil which adds moisture to the skin.
dove exfoli
This product smells amazinnggggg. Try it!!!

Step 3:

Moisturize: Of cus you already know I have to use a body cream/lotion/butter that will get rid of any ashiness and at the same time leave a good scent on it just in case 😉 lol. I have different ones by the body shop and also by love, beauty and planet.

love beauty
You can get it from Tesco or DM



This is my favourite!
This is light weight but still moisturises the skin. For the very hot days.

Step 4:

Antiperspirant: I missed this step in the video which is also very important. Some people opt for deodorant but I rather use antiperspirant just to minimize sweaty armpit and prevent it from soiling the scent of the perfume I will be wearing. I usually go for the ones that either smell good or that dont actually have a fragrance. You need to be sure that you do not react to products with scent because the armpit tends to be very sensitive and prone to allergic reaction. So if you are sensitive then I would advice you go for an antiperspirant without a scent to it. I use these:

dove apple
dove apple and white tea
Rexona Happy

Step 5:

Body Mist: I always use body mist every single time before I step out. The body mist I use depends on the fragrance i would wear that day to be honest. If I will be using a strong woody fragrance, then I will use a body mist that has sweet notes in them for balance or I will use body mist with similar notes as the perfume I would wear just to makse sure the fragrance cocktail comes out nice and layered properly. I use the ones from Victoria Secret.

Amber Romance
This is my fav. Not sure if this is discontinued but if you see it try it 🙂

Step 6

Perfume: This is a very important step for me. I always go for scents that would leave a lasting impression or scents that make me feel or look expensive with a tad bit of sweetness in them. I love oriental scents either with floral, or woody notes in them. I have so many recommendations but I will leave that for another blog post. These are just a few favs:


elie saab


I hope my tips were helpful. Do let me know of any products that you are feeling, I am willing to test them out. Dont forget to watch my video here in case you missed it and please like the video and subscribe, let us grow together 🙂

Thank you for your time.

Obsy P.


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