Smell Good for Less

Hello and welcome back to my blogpost. I apologise for the long hiatus in this space 🙂

In this post without taking so much of your time, I put together a few of my favorite zara fragrances.

In as much as the longevity of zara fragrances is poor and most of the fragrances smell alike or smell like something I already own from another brand, I have got a few that I absolutely love and they smell different as well.

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In no particular order:

  • Frosted Cream

frosted cream

I absolutely love this fragrance. It has notes of vanilla, strawberry and mandarine. It is a gourmand frangrance in my opinion. It was launched last year so I am not sure they are still in store but if you see it, BUY IT! It smells so edible, creamy like macarons or mashmellow! Its such a beautiful scent especially in the cooler weather.


  • Femme intense  

femme intense

So this is an oriental scent with notes of vanilla, tonka bean and peony. I must say that the peony is not so strong in this one although you smell it as the opening note. It is certainly a very safe and comfortable fragrance. It is very suitable for the cool weather. I personally got the 10ml roller ball. This is not as unique as the other ones mentioned in this list but I do love it enough to own it in my collection lol.


  • Gloss


This has notes of red berries, peach and vanilla. In my opinion this is not so long lasting on me. It has a strong feminine scent. I say it smells like bubble gum or lipstick or like a mild candy smell. This may or may not be sold out in some stores.

gloss a

  • Oriental Gourmand

oriental gourmand

This has notes of peach, orchid and musk. It was launched in 2017 so I am not sure they are still in stores. They are probably reformulated and made a come back as ‘oriental’, or ‘gourmand addict’ because I think they smell a bit similar. Like other zara fragrances, this doesnt have a lasting power. But did I say it is a gorgeous bottle? Definitely a sweet sexy scent but not overbearing.

  • Violet Blossomviolet blossom

I will say it is a warm, floral, powdery scent. It smells sooo good and it is currently in store so hurrryyy :). Notes of cherry blossom, magnolia and tonka bean. Very good for the cooler weather. Its really good I must say. It smells like dark fruits and the color of the bottle really goes well with the scent. I adore this scent.

  • Rich, Warm and Addctive

rich warm

Now this right, is one unique scent I have never smelt in zara. well maybe its because its from the mens section. Notes of tobacco, coconut, sandalwood, honey and cedar. ahhhh!!! I love it so much. A winter gourmand. Just like the name says, it is a warm and cozy scent. Perfect for the cool season. Great on men and women! Check this out and surprisingly this is the only fragrance that lasts long compared to the other fragrances. Get your hands on this one guys.

These last two listed below sold out in a blink of an eye. they also smell very unique too and I will certainly buy them if I ever see them in store.

  • Yellow Velvet


This is fruity and powdery but unfortunately does not last long at all.

  • Orange Honey


This fragrance right here!!!!!! It has notes of neroli, orange blossom and orchid. It has a moderate level of longevity and sillage. It is a beautiful fragrance.

These are all my favorite Zara fragrances. Very inexpensive too with price range between 1,595HUF- 5,995HUF all depending on the ml.

I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if there is any zara fragrance you love.

Thank you for your time 🙂

Obsy P.

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