No Carb November Update!!!

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Hello beautiful people, hope you are all well. A few weeks ago, I began this healthy journey by cutting out carbs from my diet only for the month of November. I did it to just kick start a healthy journey since food is the main contributing factor to your weight and health at large.

watch my video here :


It has been an interesting journey so far lol. I feel a lot lighter, some clothes fit better and I just feel good in general and I wasnt even 100% compliant lol.

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Trench dress from Zara. Infact everything from Zara

Its really not as easy as it seems with temptations everywhere. I have had to be more creative with what I eat since carb is life and everything. I usually get very hungry when I am busy or I am studying but if I am idle and not doing anything, I usually dont feel like eating anything.

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I also try not to starve my body cus then your metabolism gets slower and in turn wont burn any calories. I must say I wasnt so strict on myself so that when I am off this no carb diet, I dont over crave for a lot of things and go overboard. So, I still have wine, hot chocolate, some cocktails but not everytime, just on social events/occassions.

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I have slacked a few times but I had to sit up and readjust myself if I really want this to be my lifestyle. This is to say, I am not doing this for a short term period, I want this to be a lifestyle. So even if I fall short one day, giving up is not an option!

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I hope you are motivated to be healthy, doesnt matter how you choose to do so, you could do so by exercising regularly or eating healthy, just know you are growing older and you NEED to look after yourself to live long.

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We can do this!

BTW, black friday is on friday the 29th of November, so dont forget to look out for some of these pieces cus they might be slashed half price from ZARA.

Thanks for your time 🙂

Obsy P.


2 thoughts on “No Carb November Update!!!

  1. I loved your positivity! It’s important trying to be healthy and I am looking forward to know more about your improvement with this low-carb lifestyle! Keep it up! BTW loved the outfit ^^


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