Winter Fragrance Collection

Do you use one fragrance all year round? or are you the type to switch fragrance as the weather changes?

I am definitely the one to change fragrance as the weather changes. I usually get sick of some scents after a while if it does not go with my mood or the weather.

Last winter period, I was all about very sweet, gourmand scents and it literally would make me feel more sexy and confident. Come 2019 winter, I get tummy turns when I use just a sweet, fruity fragrance without making cocktails out of my fragrance. Due, to this, I had to find the scent for the season lol.

Gbam! I stumbled on what I love: A strong woody, smoky, boozy fragrance that is well balanced with some sweet notes. 

I made a video with my precious friend @lamboliite rating some fragrances I had gotten recently.

watch my video here:


Here are a few Perfumes I am feeling this cold winter season:

Black Afgano by Nasomatto:


This is a very strong fragrance. Two spritz is enough for the whole day. Main accords are Balsamic, smoky, oud, green and woody. Very high sillage and longevity. Lasts a very long time. If you love strong fragrances, you would love this one for sure.



Absolutely love this scent. Its a floral musky scent which is perfect for the cool season although I usually layer this with something bit stronger. Top notes of orange, lavender, middle notes of orange blossom and lavender and then base notes of musk, cedar and vanilla.

Lancome Idole:


For this fragrance, I am not really a huge fan because its not unique enough for me, but to be very honest, it is a really nice safe perfume. Its sweet and if you love your sweet scents, you will love this one. Its main accords are rose, musk, fruity, white floral and sweet as stated earlier.

Jo manlone pomegrante noir:

jo malone

Def my signature scent! I love this scent. not so sweet but has a very nice balance. I believe men can wear this scent as well. A fruity one as the name implies.

Tomford Metallique:

tomford metallique

I really love this scent because of how unique it is. Literally smells like metals mixed with vanilla but its dry down is really beautiful and reminds me of something creamy and sweet.

Casamorati Bouquet Ideale:


This is the most balanced fragrance i have had so far. Woody warm and seductive with tobacco in its dry down. The DNA of this fragrance is certainly peculiar to the Casamorati house and it is really beautiful i must say.


These are just a few of my favs that I am feeling this winter.

I will be preparing a detailed gift guide for the festive period for both male and female so  please be on the lookout for that.

What are your favourite fragrances this winter? I would really love to try them out.

Thanks for your time.

Obsy P.



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